Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Rabbit Vibrating Cock RingOk, ‘vibrating cock ring’ – it’s pretty descriptive and likely to do exactly what it says on the tin right? But if you are looking to buy a cock ring and you never knew vibrating ones existed, then welcome to a whole new world of options to spice up your sex life and take the bedroom play to a new level of excitement.

Vibrating cock rings are stretchy cock rings that do everything you would expect a cock ring to do (restrict blood flow to your penis, so you last longer, and create a tightening, pressurised sensation that is pleasurable for you), but it has the added extra of vibrations which gives you added pleasure and, of course, is likely to send her to orgasm-heaven (and that IS important, to you, isn’t it??).

You can get versions that have one ring that encircles the bottom of your shaft, where the good vibrations will tease the nerve endings at the base of your penis. Try the Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Love Ring, which has an added textured surface positioned at just the right place to stimulate her clitoris – prepare to blow her mind!

You can also get double cock rings with a second larger ring that is designed to go around your testicles. This will not only give you pleasure at the base of your penis, but your testicles and anus too. Naturally, I don’t have to mention how pleasurable it is likely to be for your partner, as the vibrations will stimulate her vulva and clitoris. It’s a well-known fact that many women can’t climax on penetration alone. I doubt this would be any problem for a woman if her man was wearing a vibrating cock ring.

The LoveHoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring has two super stretchy rings, as well as a perfectly placed ‘bullet’ to massage her clitoris – penetrative sex orgasm guaranteed!

The level of vibrations is a key factor in the choice of a cock ring as these can differ considerably depending on the make and model. Some will have a single speed (a great beginners vibrating cock ring is the LoveHoney Vibrating Love Ring), whilst others may have multiple speeds, as well as different pulses.

Embrace USB Rechargeable 7 Function Vibrating Cock RingCheck out this top-of-the-range cock ring, the Embrace USB Rechargeable 7 Function Vibrating Cock Ring – with 2 hours play on full charge, you’re both likely to be exhausted before it is! It’s worth spending some time getting used to the different vibrations, and seeing what feels comfortable. Just like different men use different speeds and pressure when, ahem, on a date with Palmela Handerson, one man may find a certain vibration speed or pulse painful, when another loves it. Also, check with your partner about what feels good for her. Women can also be different from one another, and some may find high vibrating speeds more painful than pleasurable (and I don’t mean painful in a good way.) On the other hand, you don’t want to be using such a low vibration that your partner thinks she’d be better off using the vibrate function on her iPhone!

As you are the one wearing the cock ring, your pleasure is pretty much guaranteed, but for your partner, the best positions to try a vibrating cock ring with is the missionary and her on top. Both these positions give full access to her clitoris, whereas in a doggy style position, only her vulva is likely to get stimulated. But half the fun is experimenting, so see what works for you and your partner. If you are lucky enough to have a girl who approves of a bit of high protein colonic irrigation, wearing a cock ring is likely to make the experience much more pleasurable for her.